World Fiddle Music

Hello! I’m Jim Dorans. Welcome to World Fiddle Music, my site for learning tunes on fiddle and in some cases, other melody instruments – the technical side is entirely fiddle based, and contains fiddle tuition in the form of mini fiddle lessons (or violin lessons if you prefer!)

I’ve recorded a variety of tunes both at normal and slower playback speed.

Jim's fiddle

Click on the photos above to get a sample of the styles on this site. After registration, when any link to the left or right is clicked, this space will be filled with link’s content. You can easily navigate up or down by using the UP and DOWN arrow keys, and you can resize the window if you need to. Once resized, all other windows opened from the links will remain that size, unless you want to change them again. There is no need to close the window if you want to view another link.

All the audio and video clips on this site were played and recorded by me using a Yamaha SV-200 electric violin, except the ‘Scottish’ clip above, where I used a ‘Sonic Attack’ violin. I chose to use these for audio and video, as the sound was a lot easier to control, and recording was not affected by extraneous noise. I do own and play a beautiful old acoustic violin too! Check out West Country Violins to see and hear some quality instruments. The violinist Simon Jordan also uses them.

The tunes are mainly folk & traditional, from Scotland, Ireland, England, Eastern Europe and of course the U.S.A and Canada, plus some contemporary tunes. They are played through once only.

This site will cover many diverse aspects of fiddle playing and classical violin technique.